Cheryl Olson is a Fiber Artist living in Aberdeen SD. She sells her work at the Artworks Gallery in the Aberdeen Lakewood Mall and by commission. She also teaches a variety of art classes arranging from dying, painting on fabric to design.

6 Responses to About

  1. BETTY Dobberpuhl says:

    I feel so honored to call you my friend. Congratulations on all you have achieved.

  2. I was showing my daughter your art! It is beautiful! We are glad to have found YOUR site!

  3. Joan Ellison says:

    Are you still teaching classes? I couldn’t figure out how to contact you.

  4. benjbak says:

    I really like your piece, Create Living! Perhaps we can exchange numbers to, at a minimum, text each other. Right now, my voice phone is broken. My texting number is (267)714-8455.

    Hoping to connect with you đŸ˜‰

  5. benjbak says:

    I posted a link to your blog on my blog: http://www.pbjflint.com/fineart-posters/ and even prominently displayed my favorite piece, Creative Living!

    If you could return the favor and post a link to my blogs on your blog, that would be great, http://www.pbjflint.com/ and http://dynamicscrm.us/wordpress/

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