Artist’s Statement


Cheryl received a BFA at Northern State University.  She has traveled yearly to continue her  Fabric dyeing and Art quilt education.

Cheryl’s work includes: hand-dyed cotton and silk fabric, batiks, screen printing, paint, and discharge. The principles of design and color theory play a major role in every quilt. Her quilts are a blend of piecing, fusing layered materials, couching, thread play and finally quilting which adds the unique element of line and texture.

Cheryl’s goal of improvement is to continue learning various and innovative techniques. Another goal is to find a little time each day to devote to her creative energy.

Cheryl believes that creating is a God given gift that everyone has been born with. Given some practice and encouragement and the given the to explore, the creative spirit is freed allowing the joy of creation to transpire.  She believes that creating is a journey, one of growth, healing and spiritual reflection.

Her work is for sell at the Artworks Gallery at the  Lakewood Mall in Aberdeen, SD



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