O-Live Tree


O-Live Tree 40 x 40″


“…I am like a green olive tree in the house of God: I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever.” Psalm 52:8  

While pondering on the many scriptures, symbolisms and the Allegory of the Olive Tree, I recognized how profoundly it touched my heart. The Mount of Olives, or the Garden of Gethsemane, is a pinnacle emblem of all that these symbolic trees represent.   

The Olive Tree represents Life, twisted and imperfect appearance, grows in the toughest of soil. Still needing nourishment and care from it’s gardener, can live from 800 – to over 2000 years old as those still living in the Garden of Gethsemane today.    

The branches that do not produce fruit are cut off, representing to me that what no longer serves,  can and should be let go of; whether heart ache, thoughts, pain or sin, then adopt in a new branch, allowing growth and fruit to continue and ultimately fulfill the measure of it’s creation by sustaining life! The fruit gives both nourishment and light (oil) to sustain life. It is interesting to note that the fruit must go through a brine or cleansing process before it is consumed, almost like baptism. The strong trunk gives strength and protection from the elements, the roots must forge deep into the earth for nourishment and water.   

The name of the tree ‘O-Live’, signifies the importance that this tree played as it surrounded the Savior during His darkest hour when his blood was compared to the Olive press, bleeding from every pore. I can imagine the Trees offering their strength when he Savior bore the burdens of the world. For this purpose He took on our pain and transgressions so that we might live once more. Like the tree that is cut down at it’s core, the roots survive and the tree grow again.    

As we face the Gethsemane’s in our life, we will be scared by the removal of those things that no longer serve our growth, our trunk will grow twisted as we struggle to survive, our roots grow deeper finding the water to sustain us and then ultimately reaching for the heavens in glory as we offer fruit, light and strength to others. We are like the olive trees and with strength greater then we know, we will grow and live beautifully just as we were created to do, perfectly planned, perfectly whole with our Gardeners assistance. 

About cherylolsonartquilts

I graduated with a major in Fine Arts degree from NSU in Aberdeen, but my passion for learning has been a continual process as I have taken classes in design, dye, fabric surface design and many ongoing classes over the past 10 years. I have been eclectic in my approach to my Fiber Art with the love of learning and trying out many variable techniques as you will see with my older pieces. This year you will see a shift, as I am finally beginning to have a vision of where my art will take me. I am very excited, for this new concept has not been used in the Fiber Art or Art Quilt world thus far. This new approach begins with my love of thickened dyes and batik layered dyes as the background piece and then adding the variances of scraps of color fused on top to create colorful and textural pieces of art.
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