Workshops and Classes

The cost of the class is $50 per day $25 per 1/2 day with a min of 5 and max of 25 persons. Travel and lodging expenses are negotiable. The cost of the supplies will be an additional cost per student.


Course Description:   Color theory and intuition brings the wow factor in design.  We will evaluate the color wheel, temperature, value and hue, while putting into practice basic rules such as Analogous, Monochromatic, and complementary.  In classes that have more time allowed, we will dig deeper into other techniques such as transparency and illumination. Have fun  exploring color with no fear!  You’ll be amazed at the results. 1/2 day – 2 day class


Using an inspirational photo, learn the elements of designing while building a fabric landscape. This class is taught by using a fusible web to secure the layers of fabrics and finished with free motion embroidery. Whether your style is abstract or realistic, you will learn all you need to know in creating a fabric landscape! 1-3 days (thread play included in the 3 day class)


Coloring has never been so much fun! Color with Crayons, Watercolor pencils and Pastel Dye Sticks! Tsukineko All purpose dye, Paint on fabric using Jacquared fabric paints and dyes. This class is so much fun! We will stamp, stencil and explore!


This class is a blast as you learn so many creative techniques the time goes by way too fast! In this class you will learn multiple embellishments! Including stencils, stamps, resist’s, added materials like lame or organza, couching with beautiful threads and yarns, and adding glimmer with Angalina fibers and metallics.


Beginner to Advanced students will love this class! A free-formed class with no picture or pattern to go by, only intuition. With fabric as our base collage, we will use several layers of lame, motifs from fabric cutouts, stencils and stamps. The creativity explodes as we realize how fun the process can be.


Finish your art quilt learning some simple quilting , couching and free-motion embroidery using a variety of fun and decorative thread. We will also learn several ways to finish a quilt other than the traditional binding.


Learn the basics of dye using Procion MX dyes. This beginning class will help you learn the basics of mixing and gaining confidence in the dyeing process. We will learn several Shibori techniqes. Start with a silk scarf or silk pillowcase. Warning: this class is addictive!


Learn more Arashi Shibori, Resist’s, and Overdyes. Learn to mix colors. 2 day recommended


With soy wax and a process of over dyeing, we learn how to really create one of a kind pieces of art. 2 -3 day recommended

2 Responses to Workshops and Classes

  1. Linda Seward says:

    Hi Cheryl,

    I am a quilt maker, writer and lecturer in London, England. I just noticed your “Ananda at Last” quilt on The Quilt Show. I’m putting together a lecture to give at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England next August and would love to include a photo of your quilt in my talk. I could use the images from the Quilt Show website if you don’t have good ones of your own.

    I’m really writing to get permission to show slides of this work in my talk. Of course you will get credited on the slide. If it’s ok for me to use it, would you also give me the size and any other information you have about the making of the quilt.

    Please do let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

    With all best wishes,

    Linda Seward

    • cherylolsonartquilts says:

      Linda, I’m so sorry to have not returned a letter. I have misplaced your email address. Are you still interested in using some of my art photo’s? Cheryl

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