Design Studio Cleaned!

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With a little help from my neighbor friend, the design studio is once again clean! Everything now has a home. I can’t wait to start messing it up again! Honestly, I can’t work when things are in that kind of disarray. It’s hard for me to concentrate on the task at hand when I can’t even find the tools that I’m needing at that very moment. It actually gives me a headache. So noted; conscious effort to never let it get that messy again! Now clean and off to inspiration!

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About my Design Studio:

I am spoiled!  And I am the first to acknowledge this. I never thought that I would ever have such a fabulous work space! When we moved 2 years ago, we found this home with this awesome studio! It was as if it was built just for me! The room was originally built for a wood workers studio, but it converted nicely. We built a wall to share the space, which ended up being my design wall. A few details are listed below.

Large and Medium Design Wall: Foam Board Insulation wasvcovered with a high quality flannel. Then nailed to the wall.

The Small Blue Design Wall: Covered with an iron batting (used for hot pads and ironing boards) then covered with Flannel.

The large Iron table: A wooden box was made to fit right over the ironing board to make it larger. This wooden box was covered with two layers of batting and cotton fabric which wraps under and stapled.

The Large Design and Cutting Table: This was made so that the leaf could fold down to make smaller. There is a large storage area underneath. On each end is peg board for storing rotary tools and rulers.

The White Shelving is from IKEA including the clear totes, which makes finding the fabric easier. Each bin is labeled.

Baskets: Filled with wool and supplies make a perfect place to hide needed supplies.

The Aircraft cabinetry was already built in when I bought the home/studio. Bonus! They are fabulous, sleek and will hide a lot of supplies! Yes, they are all full!

Magnetic metal peg boards are on the walls to attach, hang or store quick reach items.

Sitting area is great for when the grand kids, or friends stop by. I don’t sit very often! Too much to do!

The corner next to the Large design wall is where I do my dyeing. I have a sink, washer and dryer. It just did not work out to put them all in the same place, but it works ok. I’ll bring out an old 8 foot table for the dyeing.

Lighting is fantastic, and with two windows I get plenty of natural light as well.

I would like to say I’m off to sew, but if you notice, there are no machines! They’re both getting worked on! But I am off to design!

About cherylolsonartquilts

I graduated with a major in Fine Arts degree from NSU in Aberdeen, but my passion for learning has been a continual process as I have taken classes in design, dye, fabric surface design and many ongoing classes over the past 10 years. I have been eclectic in my approach to my Fiber Art with the love of learning and trying out many variable techniques as you will see with my older pieces. This year you will see a shift, as I am finally beginning to have a vision of where my art will take me. I am very excited, for this new concept has not been used in the Fiber Art or Art Quilt world thus far. This new approach begins with my love of thickened dyes and batik layered dyes as the background piece and then adding the variances of scraps of color fused on top to create colorful and textural pieces of art.
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  1. Darlene says:

    Looks great! I’m jealous!😘

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