Just Begin! Working in A Series


Reach out and touch, this rree represents the love of God.


Like most artist’s, I’m having fun exploring, playing, and learning so many new techniques that I hate the thought of being restricted to just one subject or style. I’ve bounced around from subject to subject and from technique to technique where ever my whim or inspiration led. I’ve had a blast, and by all means would never give up on the creative aspect of exploring exciting and new techniques. That is the exact reason why I love the fiber arts so much! There are endless possibilities!!!!!  An artist would never get bored! 

As I move forward with my hopes and dreams of establishing a name for myself in the Fiber Arts, it’s time to BEGIN a body of work for show. That means it’s time to focus and pull all of my resources and inspirations together. The first step is always the hardest.

This is my plan of attack.  

I. BEGIN: Taking the first step.

Set aside fear, distractions, clutter, and commit by writing it down! For me, that means to focus. With so many obstacles, this will take a concerted effort on my part! Just do it!

II.  GOALS: Write it down.

Have a clear path to the end goal in sight. Shot for the stars, while realistacally keeping the pathway straight and free of detours that will hinder progression. Like a map, chart goals that will keep you from getting lost. Set a daily schedule and make it a habit! Prioritize your time, devoting a segment each day to move forward on your path.

III. SUBJECT: Find an element that has symbolic meaning.

Explore all your options, ideas, favorite things, photo’s, art and symbols. Research through your past work and subject matter. What are you naturally drawn to and identify with? What speaks to you?

One of my first fiber art pieces was the Tree of Life, as pictured above. I always come home to trees. They have special symbolic meaning to me.

Humble beginning, Growth in spite of drought, Strength amidst the storms, Beauty in every season, Substance, Rooted, Balanced, Resilient, offering shelter and fruit or service.

IV. MATERIALS: deciding which elements to incorporate.

Dyed fabrics, paints, sheers, special techniques. 

V. DESIGN: This is the backbone of a successful piece. 

While it’s fun to jump in and go simply by intuition, without the bones or structure a piece may quickly fall flat. I will often spend more time on preparing a piece for construction then the actual time putting the quilt together. 

I take careful consideration in the form, depth, balance, color scheme nod most importantly portraying my Theme. Always keeping in mind something of intrigue, or unexpected. 

Make several rough sketches both with pencil and watercolor.

VI. EMOTION: Write a statement of “What I want it to say.” What does this piece want to portray. Take time to ponder and to be inspired as the energy of this piece will evolve and come alive. The best part of being an artist is, creating something from nothing! Making it come alive from conception to birth. All powerful pieces of art, whether from someone famous or a 5 year old was created with passion! 

VII. UNIQUE: Make it yours! Try something new or add your special touch. 
“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Napoleon Hill

About cherylolsonartquilts

I graduated with a major in Fine Arts degree from NSU in Aberdeen, but my passion for learning has been a continual process as I have taken classes in design, dye, fabric surface design and many ongoing classes over the past 10 years. I have been eclectic in my approach to my Fiber Art with the love of learning and trying out many variable techniques as you will see with my older pieces. This year you will see a shift, as I am finally beginning to have a vision of where my art will take me. I am very excited, for this new concept has not been used in the Fiber Art or Art Quilt world thus far. This new approach begins with my love of thickened dyes and batik layered dyes as the background piece and then adding the variances of scraps of color fused on top to create colorful and textural pieces of art.
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