A little Jet Lag.

20150910_063222Attending the doTERRA Conference in SLC Utah! It was so exciting and full of knowledge! I love this stuff!

Arriving home Friday late to leave the next morning for San Antonio for a week. Again arriving home late Friday to waking up early for Huron SDQG Retreat on Saturday!

Essential Oils are amazing and I am proud to know that this company is built on honesty, and integrity as well as complete dedication to the most up to date scientific research the world has to offer.


A little crazy! From attending the doTERRA Convention in SLC then flying off to San Antonio for my ArtCloth Mastery Class back to back.

While in San Antonio, I learned that one of my teachers for the South Dakota State Quilt guild retreat cancelled! The retreat was scheduled for the same weekend  that I was returning home. She gave me 3 days notice without even the courtesy of calling or discussing her concerns with me! This incredibly unprofessional action placed myself and SDQG board members into a terrible scramble mode to cover her classes and program with basically no time. Thank Heaven it worked out, sometimes we just do what we have to do. I feel like I’ve just ran through an obstacle course this week! I ended up arriving home at 11:30 pm Friday night. Stayed up all night gathering things up for the class the following day. Then driving the 90 minutes the following morning to Huron, SD for the class to start by 8 am.  The good news is that the class went well. The class was originally quilting up antique hankies to mount in a frame or use as a placemat.

I 20150919_112847taught some design techniques and free-motion quilting to use on their adorable old hankies.Hankie

I also gave a little show – n – tell of some of the goodies I brought back from San Antonio. IMG_20150919_111457_582

To end the crazy two week travel, I left the retreat early to drive 70 miles to a wedding!

A little jet lag today! Remembering the wonderful time down on the Riverwalk and Rosario’s and missing my new friends.

About cherylolsonartquilts

I graduated with a major in Fine Arts degree from NSU in Aberdeen, but my passion for learning has been a continual process as I have taken classes in design, dye, fabric surface design and many ongoing classes over the past 10 years. I have been eclectic in my approach to my Fiber Art with the love of learning and trying out many variable techniques as you will see with my older pieces. This year you will see a shift, as I am finally beginning to have a vision of where my art will take me. I am very excited, for this new concept has not been used in the Fiber Art or Art Quilt world thus far. This new approach begins with my love of thickened dyes and batik layered dyes as the background piece and then adding the variances of scraps of color fused on top to create colorful and textural pieces of art.
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3 Responses to A little Jet Lag.

  1. Darlene says:

    Cheryl, I would worry more about you burning the candle @ both ends if I didn’t know you LOVE what you are doing. But, please take care of yourself too! Darlene

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  2. Sasha says:

    You are amazing to me! What a whirlwind. It was great being able to see you in Salt Lake though. I would love to see pictures of what you did with the hankies. I purchased some at an auction years ago and would love ideas on how to use them!

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